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Petros has the benefit of knowledge born of experience in constructing property for its own portfolio. The lessons learnt over years of property ownership and management are applied in new development projects whether intended for the Petros portfolio or for institutional investor clients.

What results is high quality easily maintained property attractive to both tenant and investor as our list of occupiers bears witness.

We are as happy carrying out sensitive restorations and conversions of listed buildings as we are tackling new build retail warehousing.

The common feature will be the attention to detail which Petros will bring to the project whether that means restoring the stone work of a locally important structure such as 1 Dale Street in Liverpool or the design of a drainage system for a 450 space retail car park which captures cleans and drains all surface water without recourse to local drainage or watercourse as we have done at Truro.

New Development

Petros will carry out development anywhere in the UK and has a record of success from London to Manchester, Cornwall to Belfast. The Group is cash rich with low gearing and remains acquisitive, willing and able to use its own substantial equity resource to effect purchases of land and property on a conditional or unconditional basis.

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